We all need to do laundry, but we probably wash our clothes more frequently than necessary using up water, detergent and energy. Only wash when needed and hang outside to dry on the line, weather allowing, rather than using a dryer. Using cooler or even cold water will use less energy and preserve fabrics for longer. Sometimes a 'spot' clean will remove a small mark without having to wash the entire garment.  

Green Dry-cleaning

Conventional dry cleaning uses perchloroethylene, also known as PERC,  which is effective at removing stains from fabric, but is also a toxic chenmical.  Some professional garment cleaners now offer a non-toxic cleaning service using products that are fully biodegrable, which is better for you, your clothes and the environment. Ask your usual cleaners if they offer a green dry-cleaning service.  

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We aim to use as little packaging as we can in order to have minimal impact on the environment. We would love to find a supplier of recycled, bio-degradable boxes, paper and bags who is willing to deal in small quantities – if you know of such a company, please let us know!