We create garments that are more about style than a fashion trend, with a contemporary fit relevant to the world we live in. Clothes that we trust to meet our needs like old friends and become the outfits that we don't have to think about how to put together. We especially like dresses, because there are days when we only want to have to make one decision about what to put on. These are clothes that are easy to wear and evoke a feeling of dressing up, with eco credentials, longevity and style. We makes what is needed, keeping it special and not over producing.  


100% Handmade in Ireland

We begin the process of designing and making by thinking about what clothes we want to wear right now and then design the garment down to the last detail, acknowledging the silhouette of the female form. Where embellishments and trim are applied, it is to accentuate hems, waistlines, necklines and fastenings.  Often the clothes are fully lined, usually in cotton lawn which prolongs the lifespan of the garment, helps it hang better on the body and means no underslips are required.  Small numbers of garments in each fabric are made, ensuring that each run is of a truly limited edition. Always putting quality before quantity, we create garments in timeless designs that will be worn, cared for and loved for years to come.  Each piece is finished to a  high standard of craftsmanship, involving hand sewing, which is often labour intensive.